Light it Orange for Shine

For too many Kiwis, home is not a place of safety. It’s a place of fear and shame, hidden behind closed doors. You can help change this by shining a light on domestic violence this March.

Together let’s light New Zealand orange and show victims we really care.

Sign up to Light it Orange to help families get safe and stay safe.

How it works

Light It Orange is the week 3-9th March 2019. This is a bright week of Shine-y orangeness where thousands and thousands of dollars are raised to help victims of family violence, and to shine a light on domestic violence to let victims know they are not alone and that support available.

That’s where you come in:

Sign up to Team Shine and create your own Light it Orange fundraiser to help raise funds and awareness, by following these steps:

  1. Decide whether you’ll take part in Light It Orange on your own, with your school, your workplace, your friends or any other group or club you are part of.
  2. Sign up as an individual, a school, a workplace or another group team by setting up your Light It Orange fundraising page – our Light It Orange 2019 fundraising site will go live by end of Sept 2018.
  3. Visit the Shine webshop to order Light It Orange posters, t-shirts and balloons, as well as Shine Helpline posters, fliers and cards and Shine brochures. Visit your nearest Look Sharp store for your orange dress-ups and decorations.
  4. Get fundraising any way you like. You’ll find fundraising ideas on this website by November 2018, and if you've got a good one you'd like to share, we'd love to hear about it.
  5. Promote your fundraiser to friends, family and contacts via social media, internal communications, etc
  6. Keep in contact with Shine on how your fundraising is going or if you need any advice or ideas
  7. See how you, your school, or your team is doing compared to other Light It Orange fundraisers on the event page (coming soon). You'll also be able to see how Light It Orange is going on its goal to raise $100,000.

Get tips on how to maximise your fundraising page.


What is Light It Orange? 

We want to shine some light onto the dark subject of family violence - so we’ve come up with a special way to do just that.  We call it Light It Orange! It’s our special week to raise awareness and much needed funds to help victims of family violence to get safe and stay safe. Family violence is not an easy subject, especially because our statistics here in NZ are shocking.  Did you know that the NZ Police answer a family violence callout every 5 minutes?  Or that 1 child is killed every 5 1/2 weeks by a family member?  Or even that 1 in 3 Kiwi women will be physically or sexually abused by a partner in their lifetime? It’s awful to know that we have such a huge problem with family violence in our beautiful country.   The good news is that now you can do something that will actually help victims to get free from violence and abuse. So come on and join us to Light It Orange!

When is the next Light It Orange?

All over New Zealand, Kiwis will next Light It Orange the week of 4-10 March 2017, to raise tens of thousands of dollars to help victims of domestic abuse to get safe and stay safe.

Why should you take part in Light It Orange?

You can create, or be part of, a local Light It Orange event or fundraiser that brings together your group of friends, or the people in your workplace, school, club, etc. 

Together, you can turn your average work or school week into a time of orange fun - go crazy with orange dress ups, orange games and eating a weird assortment of orange treats.

You feel great, knowing that you’re doing something to help victims of abuse. 

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